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From Jobless to Hired: A Good Resume Is Key

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Imagine being a part of several on-campus organizations, having a 4.0 GPA, and even having prior work experience, and still not getting the internship you had always hoped for. Well, have you ever thought that maybe the key to getting a job is not just about what you have done, but instead how you present it to the world of future employers?

The key to fixing this problem: The Career Center!

Villanova’s Career Center offers several “How To: Write a Winning Resume” events in order to prepare students for their dive into the workforce. Being someone that had personally attended one of these events, I can positively say that my resume is much better than it had been prior.

At “How To: Write a Winning Resume” you learn about everything about the resume heading to how to sort and prioritize your accomplishments. Some specific examples include using reverse chronological order when citing any educational institutes as well as any past work experiences that a person may have acquired. Not only that, there were members from the Career Center that offered to spend time looking over any resumes that students may have already started. This allowed for students to fix and edit their old resumes, rather than starting completely from scratch.

The Career Center offered this workshop over ten times this past semester so that students would constantly be able to create the perfect resume! Yet, if there are any students that are unable to attend any of the workshops throughout the semester,  How To: Write A Winning Resume will bring you to a page that provides all the information that would have been covered during the workshop.

If you feel as though you need even more assistance than what is provided by the resume building event and what is written under the link above than you should consider making a face-to-face appointment with Career Center faculty. The Career Center allows students to go in for an appointment and discuss either how to build a professional resume or how to modify their existing one, so it is more cohesive. These sessions are extremely helpful, because you are able to fix your resume right in front of staff to make sure it is as perfect as possible. You can make your appointment by logging onto Villanova Handshake and clicking the Career Center tab.

If you want your dream job, you do not want a poor resume to be the one thing standing in your way of getting hired!


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